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CES blessed us with a three-cam laptop




Alas, that’s all we have in terms of specs; there is no word on processor, GPU, screen resolution, webcam resolution, etc. to go with the built-in subwoofer system.

Nexstgo added that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Loupedeck, maker of premium editing consoles, to somehow help simplify workflows on the Admiror II. The company declined to elaborate at this point, but we believe that either the consoles are somehow optimized for the laptop, or some of the functionality of the consoles will be built into the laptop. We’ll keep an eye out for more on that, with a price and date for this laptop hopefully.

You might not have heard of Nexstgo until now, but you have probably stumbled upon VAIO. The former has been licensed by VAIO in Asia since mid-June 2018, which allows it to manufacture and sell VAIO-branded laptops in markets such as Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. In addition, Nexstgo has its own consumer line under the Avita brand, as well as a Primus series for the B2B market.




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