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Chevy 2022 Bolt EV redesign includes all-new model

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We were won over by the Chevy Bolt EV , maybe ignoring . But the is not only an update to the features and capabilities of the Bolt EV, it also includes a new compact SUV-sized variant dubbed the Bolt EUV.

On the outside, it is not difficult to distinguish EV and UVV. The UVU is half a foot longer, on the one hand. And as the company points out, the two vehicles do not share any exterior body panels. Under the hood, however, the Bolt EV and EUV are functionally similar. They use the same 65W, 288-cell lithium-ion battery, and they’re powered by the same unique 200 HP (150 kW) front electric motor, 266 lb-ft of torque. The Bolt EV is a bit more efficient than the larger EUV, with a range of 259 miles – a nine mile advantage over the 250 EUVs.


But reach is not everything. The Bolt EUV offers its passengers a longer wheelbase, additional headroom and a higher ride height. It is also the first Chevrolet vehicle to offer the company’s Super Cruise hands-free driver assistance feature. Not just the first Chevy EV, the first ChEVy.

Super Cruise is GM’s advanced adaptive cruise control, providing hands-free driving option along some 200,000 miles of mapped North American roads while relying on a mix of onboard cameras, sensors and tracking GPS to guide the vehicle. The system has seen dramatic performance improvements in recent years, such as , the possibility of changing lanes in moving traffic without direct intervention of the driver’s wheels.

Chevy Bolt EUV


GM has already promised to by model year 2023. Both EV and UVV will be equipped with Chevy Safety Assist ADAS. Future versions of the Super Cruise system could transfer its hands-free driving options currently reserved for freeways to work on city streets.

“We are trying to take that same capacity off the highway. Ultra Cruise would be the entire Super Cruise as well as the neighborhoods, city streets and subdivisions. So the field of Ultra Cruise would be basically driving, all the time, ”said Doug Parks, vice president of global product development at GM. . “What we’re not saying is that Ultra Cruise will be fully self-sufficient 100% of the time, even though this could be one of the end games.”

Chevy Bolt EUV


Best of all, it watches your face. Whenever Super Cruise is activated, a tiny infrared camera mounted on the steering column monitors the driver’s face to make sure he is paying attention to the road around him. It works at night, it works with facial hair – even when you are wearing sunglasses it will work most of the time.

That said, both EV 2022 and EUV will offer the normal mix of apps and points of sale. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto both come preinstalled, a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot is standard on the EUV and optional on the EV, and Amazon Alexa is also available.

Chevy has also announced the release of a new combo charging cord, but try to contain your excitement. Standard with the Bolt EUV and available for the Bolt EV, it “has an interchangeable plug that allows the customer to plug into a standard three-prong 120-volt outlet for a level 1 charge and a 240-volt outlet for a level 1 charge. level 2 load up to 7.2 kilowatts ”, according to which means at least one less cord to carry around in the shoe. This new cord supports up to 11W Level 2 but you will need “separate charging equipment (not included)” to do so. Now, if you qualify by renting or purchasing a Bolt EV or EUV, Chevy can offer to cover the cost of installing a Level 2 charger on / in your property. Using a DC fast charging system, Bolt 2022 owners can expect to achieve between 95 and 100 miles of range with a 30-minute charging session.

The Bolt EUV 2022 is priced at $ 33,995 and the Bolt EV 2022 starts at $ 31,995. Both will be on the floors at Chevy shows this summer.


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