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Chiefs players landed on COVID-19 roster after haircuts

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You look good, you feel good. You feel good, you play well. If you can play, that is.

Chiefs wide receiver Demarcus Robinson and offensive lineman Daniel Kilgore both landed on Kansas City’s COVID-19 roster on Monday, just six days before Super Bowl 55, signaling red flags ahead of the game. Although none of the players tested positive, the genesis of the roster was reported on Wednesday.

According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, the two Chiefs players landed on the list as close, high-risk contacts with the barber, who returned a positive coronavirus test on Sunday morning.

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The barber had undergone five consecutive negative tests before another test was carried out at the team’s premises on Sunday morning. As the test results were delayed, the barber began cutting Kilgore’s hair, which was when he was alerted that the test had come back positive. He was immediately expelled from the establishment. The report says there was a line of Chiefs players waiting to have their hair cut, and ESPN’s Adam Schefter says Patrick Mahomes was among the players waiting.

While everyone was masked and the barber wore two masks, the proximity to the barber and the length of the haircuts kept both players on the roster. While Kilgore was getting his hair cut on Sunday, the barber cut Robinson’s hair away from the team’s premises the day before.

Both players are eligible to play on Sunday as long as they continue to test negative. Players are tested twice a day to ensure they are in good health before Super Bowl 55.

Earlier in the season, the Browns players landed on the COVID-19 roster for a similar situation, with four Cleveland receivers sitting after receiving haircuts.


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