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Chinese scientists say they have made a breakthrough in quantum computing

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Chinese scientists say they have built a quantum computer capable of performing certain calculations nearly 100 trillion times faster than the world’s most advanced supercomputer, which is the first important step in the country’s efforts to develop the technology.

Researchers built a prototype quantum computer capable of detecting up to 76 photons using Gaussian boson sampling, a standard simulation algorithm, the state-run Xinhua news agency said, citing research.publishedin Science magazine. It’s exponentially faster than the existing onesupercomputers.

The breakthrough represents a quantum computing advantage, also known as quantum supremacy, in which no traditional computer can perform the same task in a reasonable amount of time and it is unlikely to be negated by algorithmic improvements or material, according to research.

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Although still in its infancy, quantum computing is seen as the key to radically improving the processing speed and power of computers, enabling them to simulate large systems and advance the advancements of computers. physics, chemistry and other fields. Chinese researchers are competing with large American companies to Alphabet Google Inc. at Inc. and Microsoft Corp. for an advance in technology, which has become another front in the US-China technology race.

Google said last year it built a computer capable of performing a 200-second computation that would take around 10,000 years for the fastest supercomputers,reachquantum supremacy. Chinese researchers say their new prototype is capable of processing 10 billion times faster than Google’s prototype, according to the Xinhua report.

Xi Jinping’s government is building a $ 10 billion national laboratory for quantum information science as part of a big push in this area. In the United States, the Trump administration has provided $ 1 billion funding research into artificial intelligence and quantum information earlier this year and sought to take the credit for Google’s breakthrough in 2019.

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