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Chris Green slams new BBL rule

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Chris Green from Sydney Thunder a criticized one of the BBL rule changes, claiming that it could have adverse effects on the mental state of players.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Green discussed one of the three new rules – the x factor.

The rule allows teams to subtract a player, who has not hit or played more than one player above the 10 mark on the first innings, for a 12th or 13th man.

The rule is one of the three that was presented by Cricket Australia this year with the aim of making the matches more exciting after a drop in audience.

However, the rules have not proven popular with a number of cricketers – current and former – expressing their disapproval of them.

“It’s just disruptive for the players,” Green said. “Replacing a player, I don’t think it’s great for the team, and in particular for this player. I would actually like that one to disappear. I don’t think it’s good for the game,” he said. added the teams must choose the XI and stick to it.

“Different sports obviously have similar adaptations – baseball obviously you can switch players throughout the game and football and rugby have substitutions,” he said.

“But it’s something in cricket that players aren’t quite used to. And I think it can certainly have a negative mental impact on them in the long run.”

Thunder captain Callum Ferguson also criticized the rules and Cricket Australia’s lack of consultation before they were implemented. He says the real problem with declining interest is the condition of the locations, not the entertainment value.

“I was surprised and probably a little disappointed that they felt they had to go this route,” Ferguson said earlier this month.

“My biggest concern was that we were making the changes to almost cover some of the disappointing terrain we had at different stages. ”

Former Australian captain Michael Clarke called the rules “rubbish”, while Shane Watson called them “gimmicks”.

Green is less critical of the other two new rules, saying they didn’t mind them even though players were still figuring out how to use them properly.

“The other two, I think, show a good effect,” he said.

“The extra point will probably be more important for the background … because it can be decisive for the time of the finals.

“The Power Surge, rather than delivering big scores, it’s provided wickets. This one changed the game and impacts the game, the biggest of the three.”

The Bash Boost rewards the team’s score of 10 which is the highest with a competition point, while the Power Surge sees the power play shortened four times with an additional Power Surge of two on taken by the batting team any time after the 11th.

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