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Collingwood players sincerely apologize after damning report on systemic racism

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150 Collingwood football and netball players have teamed up to apologize to anyone affected by racism while at the club.

The apology comes after a review of the club’s culture revealed that Collingwood had been plagued by systemic racism in an explosive relationship.

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After fans criticized the fact that club intermediaries, including President Eddie McGuire and CEO Mark Anderson, did not apologize in the initial press conference on the report, the letter written by the players began with the word “sorry”.

“As athletes, we are sorry for all those who, through their association with our club, have been marginalized, injured or discriminated against because of their race,” the letter read.

“By our silence, we feel responsible for these injustices. We recognize that it is not enough to simply show our support for the principles of anti-racism and inclusion. We will face the history of our club in order to learn, to heal and to determine the best way to move forward together.

“In the last 72 hours we have had the opportunity to digest the DO BETTER report. We also apologize to the members, fans and the community who feel guilty and ashamed about the systemic racism that has occurred within our organization.

“To all the young people who dream of someday wearing the black and white stripes, we are committed as athletes to continuing to help create a club that allows ALL of us to thrive, regardless of race.


“This letter is approved and fully supported by the 120 Collingwood employees.”

Star advocate Darcy Moore expanded on the letter in an interview on SEN, saying it started with the word “sorry” for a reason.

“Sorry, this is the first word of the letter for a reason. This is our first reaction to the report,” he told SEN. Bob and Andy.

“People associated with our club have been hurt historically and we are sorry. We want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“It was a group of footballers and netball players who had this reaction to the report that was released on Monday.

“We put our heads together and wanted to write this letter to recognize that we recognize what has happened in the past. Hand on heart, it came from the players.

“This post is not about anything other than the ongoing issue. A report revealed that one club had a systemic racism issue. We did not write this in response to what was said at the conference. Monday press. “

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