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Corsair K60 RGB Pro Low Profile Gaming Keyboard Nails the Basics

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Kris Naudus / Engadget

Seen from above, there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference between the standard K60 model and the Low Profile model. They have the same number of keys, packed in a platform of the same width and depth. It is the height that marks the major difference, the Low Profile version being 9 millimeters shorter than its brother. It doesn’t seem like a big change, but it does have an impact.

The colors of the K60 Pro Low Profile appear subdued in comparison with the higher gloss K60 like Times Square. This is in part because while the key caps on both models are identical, the low profile switches are shorter and allow less light to escape under the cap. Thus, the keyboard ends up being discreet not only in height, but also in lighting.

Corsair K60 RGB Pro

Kris Naudus / Engadget

The classic K60 Pro uses smooth linear Cherry Viola switches, which feel good but emit a slight metallic scratching sound when pushed in. It’s not a big deal when wearing headphones, but if someone around you has sensitive hearing they may find it annoying. The Low Profile is much more pleasant to listen to and to type. Its Low Profile Cherry MX Speed ​​keys are smooth and subdued compared to those on other Corsair decks, but they still have a very firm rebound with an incredibly short actuation point. That short press means it’s easy to accidentally hit the spacebar if your hand was touching the bridge, but I didn’t have a problem with any other keys.

Since there are no additional buttons or dials on the keyboard itself, any customization has to be done through Corsair’s iQUE software, which has only become more user-friendly over the years. There are lots of built-in presets so you don’t have to spend too much time designing patterns, and it’s easy enough to make the entire deck glow white if you try not to make it scream “player gear.” “.


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