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Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy gives Giants free points with clear challenge

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A glance at a video replay showed Giants wide receiver Dante Pettis failed to catch a third pass midway through the fourth quarter.

But Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy allowed the on-field decision of a completion to go unchallenged, allowing New York a key 50-yard field goal that would have been a punt if the play had been reversed. . The decision not to seek a review has likely cost his team the season.

The Giants’ basket gave them a 23-19 lead with 6:32 left. Andy Dalton forced a shot to the end zone on the intercepted drive that followed. If Dallas had lost just one point, as he should have been, he would have been able to attempt a field goal rather than having his injured quarterback look for a touchdown.

“He’s using the ground to complete the catch. He doesn’t have complete control before the ball hits the ground,” Fox TV analyst Mike Pereira said of the Pettis’ play. “There’s no question in my mind that if Dallas had disputed that it would have been changed to an incomplete pass.”

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The Cowboys needed a win over the Giants to stay in the playoff contention.

Dallas fans are used to questionable decisions in key games. Last year, for example, Then coach Jason Garrett kept top receiver Amari Cooper off the field for the biggest game of the season.

But that doesn’t make it much easier for Cowboys fans to put up with mistakes.


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