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Create My Hidden Objects, Now Available for Xbox One

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Our small team had produced around ten prototypes before finally proposing the current version of the project. First, I dug up my old Doodle-style works, which the team thought was cool, so I got an idea of ​​how to incorporate them into the gameplay. It soon turned out that implementing such a simple idea might require more effort than we might imagine, but whenever we hit another pitfall, there always appeared someone who was willing to help. help us, sometimes even asking for nothing in return. Later, we tried to transfer that kindness and good humor into the game, turning our stories into learning opportunities.

This project was also my debut as a screenwriter. Work on My hidden things has been a truly revealing experience of so much about myself. It also helped me achieve something important: to never doubt yourself for a second, no matter how cliché that might sound. You know what it is – you get stuck in a routine job, nothing seems to happen, your personal failures are out of proportion, while your accomplishments all seem so small and meaningless. I remember things were completely in shambles back then, so at one point I decided to turn a new leaf: quit a good job, said goodbye to my parents, j gave my pets and, throwing caution to the wind, I escaped. in a completely different country where I hardly knew anyone.

My hidden things

Having worked in a different but closely related field for five years, I finally found the courage and decided that was it. It’s time to do something for me. At that time, I had already understood that miracles did not exist. I don’t think there have been, at least in my life. So I figured it was all up to me and I had to do what I had to do to change my luck. And here it is ?

My hidden things

Thanks to our producer Konstantin Semenov, it worked. While writing the screenplay I really learned a lot from scratch and had to work fast too. After all, game development is not something that can be clearly defined. Games bring a bit of magic to our boring life. Working on a game script is both challenging and rewarding. The project literally turned my life upside down (yes you heard me right), so now I finally feel like I’m in my element. Even the most bizarre ideas don’t get lost here. They are accumulated, processed, and then transformed into something that every player can relate to.

Xbox live

My hidden things

Big Way Games

$ 6.99

At first there was nothing, only a chaos of dreams, from which Xary came. He tried to understand the nature of people and help them, but he’s too young for that. Then you came. Together you can get to the bottom of it … Sometimes life challenges us. The main characters in these stories will face many challenges, whether it is the illness of someone you love, a perilous journey, or getting away from an abusive relationship. The solution is not always obvious and often frightening. Immerse yourself in three moving stories filled with pain, joy, fear, hope and triumph. My Hidden Things is a daring experience: it’s a mix of visual novel and hidden object adventure with unusual mechanics. You not only have to search for items, but also combine them to get the ones on your list. The plot revolves around the dreams of several people that you and Xary need to help. With your help, they can overcome their difficulties and stay human. The story is presented in comic book form.


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