Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Cricket Australia abandons South Africa tour due to ‘unacceptable’ health risk from mutant strain COVID-19

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Australia has officially postponed its next cricket tour in South Africa due to what was considered an “unacceptable” health risk due to the COVID-19 crisis in the country.

South Africa is currently grappling with the mutant strain of the virus, with the country currently having a staggering 10% positivity rate in tests.

The decision not to visit South Africa means Australia is almost certain to miss the inaugural World Testing Championship final, but health experts at Cricket Australia were not convinced the players would be there. ‘shelter from contracting the virus during the tour.

“Due to the public health situation in South Africa, which includes a second wave and a new variant of the virus, and after extensive due diligence with medical experts, it has become clear that traveling from Australia to South Africa South at this time poses a level of risk to the health and safety of our players, support staff and the community, ”said Nick Hockley, CEO of Interim Cricket Australia.

“We recognize the hard work the CSA has done in planning the tour, during which we made it clear that CA is willing to shoulder the extra costs and effort to make the series a reality.

“This decision was not taken lightly and we are extremely disappointed, especially given the importance of continuing international cricket at this time, our valuable relationship with CSA and our aspirations to participate in the inaugural championship. of the ICC testing world.

“However, we have been consistent from the onset of the pandemic that the health and safety of our populations is still our number one priority and, unfortunately, despite all efforts to agree on a biosecurity plan, the risks are just too much. big right now.

“As difficult and disappointing as this decision is, especially for Justin, Tim and the team, we owe a duty of care to our employees and their health and safety cannot be compromised.

“We look forward to playing the series against the CSA on a date to be confirmed in due course and we extend to the CSA and the people of South Africa our best wishes for a successful deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine and a return to normal in the near future. . “



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