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Cricket News, Uproar after Kyle Jamieson denies apparently legal capture



The cricket world was divided after speedy Kiwi Kyle Jamieson was denied a spectacular take against Bangladesh in the second ODI in Christchurch.

Jamieson believed he had made an early breakthrough when he brilliantly dove to the ground and surprised Tamim Iqbal with his own delivery.

It was an impressive piece of athleticism from the fast 6-foot-8, but Jamieson’s heroism was about to be denied by the third referee.

Kyle Jamieson was taken aback by the call from the third referee. (Twitter) (Twitter)

Replays showed Jamieson’s hands above the ball as it made contact with the ground, questioning the decision as to whether he had control of the ball when it made contact with the turf.

Jamieson caught the ball one foot close to the ground, but on replay the third referee judged he had not completed the catch and had no control of the ball when his hand went hit the ground.

“I have the ball on the ground, and the player is not in full control,” said TV referee Chris Gaffaney.

Jamieson was clearly in disbelief when the verdict was delivered, throwing his hands in the air and appearing to utter the words “fucking bulls”.

Yet according to 33.3 “Make a Capture”, the law was correctly enforced.

“The act of catching must begin from the moment the ball first comes into contact with a defender’s person and must end when a fielder gains complete control of the ball and of his own movement. “

Jamieson was this year picked up for a whopping $ 2.6million in the Indian Premier League.

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