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Crimson Heist brings explosive drones to Rainbow Six Siege

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Whether you go behind enemy lines or create a huge spin hole, the new remote controlled explosive drones are coming to Rainbow Six Siege are there to make an impact. They belong to Flores, the new attacking operator arriving with the launch of Crimson Heist. The new season also brings a new explosive secondary weapon called Gonne-6, an overhaul of the Border map, and a Battle Pass with a host of new rewards. Oh, and you can play Rainbow Six Siege for free on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One from March 18 to 24. A free week, a season launch and even more explosions? It’s good, guys. It’s really good.

Flores is from Argentina and he comes to Team Rainbow packing his RCE-Ratero gadget. Explosive little beauties can take out a host of Defenders obstacles including barricades, deployable shields, barbed wire, and all bulletproof Defender gadgets, like Maestro’s Evil Eyes. This makes Flores a powerful asset to any attacking team looking to pave the way for their push towards the goal. It can also deal serious damage to anyone caught in the blast radius, although the explosive timer is long enough for agile players to clear.

See, the RCE-Rateros don’t just drive and boom. Flores can drive them the same way a normal Attacker Camera Drone (e.g., steer, jump, pass through the drone hole), but Rateros cannot stop or slow down. While moving, the device is vulnerable to just about all enemy damage, including bullets, melee, electricity, and lasers. But when it’s time to explode – whether triggered manually by Flores or automatically when the RCE-Ratero’s stopwatch is counting down – the RCE-Ratero shields itself, stops in its tracks and becomes rock-proof. bullets. After a short fuse timer, the whole thing explodes, damaging or destroying anything (or anyone) unlucky enough to be within range.

Flores is equipped with the AR-33 assault rifle or SR-25 sniper rifle, as well as a GSH-18 handgun, with a choice of stun grenades or a claymore. In a first for Rainbow Six Siege, Flores will be unlockable via the Seasonal Battle Pass premium track, which includes 100 levels and 131 rewards. He will be the first to unlock on the premium track; players who do not collect the Battle Pass will be able to unlock Flores from March 30 with Renown or R6 credits.

Crimson Heist is also bringing free updates to Siege players on Xbox, including a new secondary weapon option for certain attackers called Gonne-6. The Gonne-6 can fire a single explosive bullet to take out enemy gadgets, including bulletproof ones. A free touch-up of the border map will also be released at the start of the season, adding new mobility options like the interior balcony above the two-story waiting room and a new exterior staircase outside. archives / offices. Additionally, PA system announcements and helicopter noises have been reduced, allowing you to focus more clearly on the sound signals of approaching enemies.

March 18 Rainbow Six Siege will be free for one week for all players on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, so now’s a great time to jump in and try to blast things on your own. Just try not to blow yourself up!

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