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Cruise, backed by GM, acquires independent start-up Voyage



Cruise, an independent subsidiary of General Motors, today announced that , an autonomous startup. This is the latest consolidation trend in the industry.

“The autonomous driving industry is consolidating and leaders in a trillion dollar market are emerging rapidly,” Oliver Cameron, Voyager co-founder and CEO, said in a blog post. “Having been intimately involved in the AV (autonomous vehicle) industry for the past five years, I can say with confidence that Cruise – with its advanced autonomous driving technology, unique partnerships with automakers and its all-electric vehicle no human control – is posited to be the clear leader. “

The GM-backed cruise is relatively well funded compared to Travel. It operates its autonomous vehicles in San Francisco – it has started testing at the end of last year – while Travel tested mainly in retirement communities as in San Jose, CA and The Villages, Florida. Voyage is a startup from the online education company Udacity.

Cruise himself teamed up with recently to help speed up his research. Other notable self-driving partnerships include , and in Aurora.




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