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Deals: AtGames Legends Ultimate Full-Sized Arcade, Mario Day Sale is today

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There are a lot of great deals on games today. For the first time ever, Walmart has the AtGames Legends Ultimate Home Arcade in stock. Normally it is only available at Sam’s Club with a subscription and without free shipping. It’s a big step above the Arcade1Up cabinets that have been so popular lately in terms of build quality, versatility, and number of sets. The other big news is that today is Mario Day and several Nintendo Switch video games and eShop gift cards are on sale.

AtGames Legends Ultimate Home Arcade for $ 499 shipped

The AtGames Legends Ultimate Home Arcade can normally only be purchased at Sam’s Club. This means you need a subscription or pay the additional 10% fee. Shipping is usually not included either. You can now get it at Walmart for the same price, without a subscription, and with free shipping. This is a full size cabinet that is much more sturdy than your typical Arcade1Up cabinet. It has a generously sized 24-inch high-definition LCD screen and a two-player setup (each player has a joystick, six action buttons, and a roulette wheel). There is also a trackball for precision play like in Centipede. Speaking of which, the biggest draw is the 300 licensed arcade and console games that come preinstalled. This includes classics like Missile Command, Asteroid, Space Invaders, Burger Time, Fix It Felix, and more. If you have the technical know-how, you can also add your own games with a USB stick. If you want practical printing, check out our IGN review for this arcade cabinet.

Arcade1Up Galaga Countercade for $ 79

This popular Galaga mini-arcade is actually pretty hard to find at this price point. It is either sold out elsewhere or sold at more than MSRP. Despite its small size, it’s actually very playable with an 8-inch high-resolution screen, speaker, full-size joystick, and control buttons. Galaga and Galaga 88 are preinstalled.

The Mario Day sale is today!

Mario Day is officially the day (March 10), and plenty of Nintendo Switch games and eShop gift cards are on sale today. If you still don’t have a console, the Mario Limited Edition is in stock at Best Buy.

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