Monday, July 15, 2024

Denmark plans to end all pumping of oil and gas at sea by 2050

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Denmark’s latest effort to slow climate change is not as dramatic a sacrifice as it would be for other countries. It is a relatively wealthy country and produces “only” 100,000 barrels of crude oil and the like per day, compared to around one million in the UK and 19 million in the US. The country can afford to ditch oil and gas where a similar move might hamper others, especially as it moves towards a digital economy. Microsoft just ad plans to build a data center region in Denmark – efforts like these could close some of the backlog.

It’s still an important gesture, however. Denmark is a major EU oil producer, and it is still rare to see countries deliberately abandon oil and gas production, even if they committed to renewable energies. This could increase the pressure on other countries to abandon fossil fuel production, at least those that make the jump without jeopardizing their economies.


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