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Deshaun Watson business rumors: Texans committed to QB have ‘no interest’ in moving him

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Texans general manager Nick Caserio and coach David Culley added another wrinkle to Deshaun Watson’s draw. Namely, by saying that there is no toss.

At Culley’s introductory press conference on Friday, he and Caserio both addressed Watson’s business rumors, saying Houston remains committed to the disgruntled caller. despite his request for exchange. Caserio anticipated any questions about Watson, saying Houston had “no interest” in moving him.

Culley couldn’t avoid these questions but, when asked about the situation, said, “The reason I’m in this job today is because I knew he was going to be a Houston Texan.” He added that he was not aware Watson had applied for a trade when Houston questioned him for the job.

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Caserio and Culley’s remarks could simply be a smokescreen – an attempt to play hard with Watson’s potential suitors, of whom there are several.

Or, the Houston organizational dysfunction could really be as bad as it looks; after all, this is the same team that reportedly turned down several of Watson’s requests to interview certain coaches for the Texans’ open head coach position. These include Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy and 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh, now Jets coach. Houston finally went with Culley, who at 65 is the longest-serving head coach for the first time in NFL history.

Watson has been the subject of trade negotiations since he allegedly discovered via social media that Houston had hired Caserio, yet another person from Bill Belichick’s Patriots organization. Those discussions came to a head this week when news broke that Watson had formally requested a trade from the team “weeks ago.”

None of this seems to matter to Caserio or Culley, however, as they have – at least officially – committed to Watson for the 2021 season. It remains to be seen whether Watson embraces their idea, although Culley does. apparently did not affect his desire to leave Houston. If this remains the case, it is possible that he chooses not to train with the team in an attempt to force a rally. Or he could take the nuclear option and retire.

Houston also has several tactics to dissuade Watson from sitting down:

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Before Houston would consider using these tactics, however, he might consider the anger it would generate among the players if he stubbornly refused to honor Watson’s request. He could also factor in the hefty price tag he would command from a trade: a slew of talented players, with a host of draft guarantees, at least. Houston could rebuild their squad with players who have yet to be disenfranchised with the organization, including several first-round picks with friendly rookie contracts.

Then again, that may be too much to expect from Houston. After all, it has hindered every step of the way so far.


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