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Designing Better Businesses for a Post-COVID World

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The collision of COVID and a corporate technological revolution has given new urgency to the role of design in business. Companies are reinventing themselves, by necessity and by opportunity. And the process of reinvention requires a kind of creativity that isn’t often taught in business school.

That is why Fortune created Brainstorm Design. We are working next year in partnership with Salesforce and IBM focus on how to use design principles to design better businesses in a post-COVID world. We’ll be having the first in a series of intimate conversations next Tuesday, with PepsiCo’s Design Director Mauro Porcini and Commercial Director Ram Krishnan. The two will lead a discussion on how best to use design thinking to create business value. Also present: Deanna Van Buren, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Designing Justice + Designing Spaces, on the role of design in building healthy communities.

Brainstorm Design is by invitation only, intended for those working on major design challenges within the company. We still have a few open spaces. If you are interested let me know or go here for more.

And since it’s Friday, some feedback. Our annual Businessman of the Year the list generated a lot of interest. A sample:

“Congratulations on a huge week! Elon (Musk) and Lisa (Su) # 1 & # 2 are bold, even defiant choices. Makes Fortune what it always is, #leader. “

“I don’t understand the constant obsession of the left and journalists with what characterizes leadership. Patton was a jerk, MacArthur was an alcoholic, JFK and Bill Clinton were womanizers, Jobs was caustic, Obama was and still is… condescending… I could go on for hours.

“You’ve captured Elon’s zeitgeist perfectly. I feel the same. it is in turn inspiring and offensive, admirable and frustrating. I hope that one day, in the third act of his career, he finds more equanimity and perspective on the way he treats others and himself.

More news below.

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