Thursday, February 22, 2024

‘Destiny 2’ enables SMS verification on PC to curb cheating

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To try to curb cheating on the PC version of Destiny 2, Bungie does SMS verification required for free-to-play players. Starting today, if you want to participate in Player vs. Player Trials of Osiris, Competitive Crucible, and Iron Banner modes as an F2P user, you will need to verify your account before you can jump into any of them. them for the first time. . When you try to join one of these modes, the game will invite you to visit on your computer, sign in to your account, and enter the verification code Bungie sends to your phone. The requirement is designed to prevent people from simply creating a new account after being banned for cheating.

SMS verification is a one-time process; you won’t have to follow the steps above every time you want to play Crucible, Trials, or Iron Banner. If you have purchased any of the game expansions, such as the recent version Beyond the light, you will have access to these Pinnacle activities with or without SMS verification enabled on your account.


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