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Disney World will let you use your phone instead of a MagicBand



You won’t need to wear a MagicBand to get around Walt disney world with a minimum of fuss. The theme park is introducing a Disney MagicMobile service that uses your phone or smartwatch for entry and other features. All you need to do is create a pass via the My Disney Experience app and add it to your virtual wallet. From there, you can move your device closer to an access point just like you would with a MagicBand.

The feature will initially be available for iPhone and Apple Watch owners “later this year” as part of a phased rollout. MagicBands will still be available, the company said, and you’ll still need to use My Disney Experience for digital room keys on your phone. Disneyland isn’t using the MagicBands as a matter of course, so you shouldn’t expect the MagicMobile option in California anytime soon.

It might save you some hassle if you’d rather not buy a MagicBand. It could also be seen as a safety measure as vaccinations increase and people become more comfortable visiting Disney World. If you haven’t received a MagicBand in the mail, you won’t have to buy one on site and wear something that someone else has recently touched.




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