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Donovan Mitchell says Jazz needs to stop getting ‘fucked’ by NBA officials

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Donovan Mitchell played the “no respect” card on Wednesday night as he complained about NBA refereeing.

Mitchell said his team needed to stop getting “screwed” by the umpires after a 131-123 overtime for the 76ers. Mitchell was sent off after two technical fouls in 27 seconds later in OT – with Joel Embiid lobbying for the first T, a move that both discussed on Twitter after the match.

Mitchell was out of breath at the time, and he was still frustrated during his post-game availability.

“It’s hard to go out there and see how we fight and compete and get taken away from a game like that,” he said. “And I’m never, ever the type to blame the referees, blame the officials. I could say I could have done more. (Mitchell shot 12 for 34 Wednesday.) But it’s getting out of hand.

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“There have been games like this that we have won, there have been games that we have lost, but all that refereeing stuff … We are nice, we don’t complain, we are not frustrated, we’re fighting through things. And the fact that we’re continually fucked up, in a way, by that. We won this game, in my personal opinion. ”

The jazz star also seems sick of the pundits who still support the Utah Lakers and Clippers in the Western Conference.

“That’s the consistent thing. The question is, ‘Can we do it? Can we maintain it? Are we for real, # 1? “Like, yeah, we are. It’s getting ridiculous… that this is what happened… I’m sick of it. To be honest, we are all… it gnaws at me, man.

“You all know what it is, we all know what it is, but it’s getting really, really, really out of control. It’s really, really, really out of control. And the league has to do something about it. see the last two minutes report. “

What exactly is “that”? Utah is heading into the All-Star break with the league’s best record at 27-9 and before Wednesday had 98 more free throw attempts than their opponents. Looks like Jazz thinks it’s too balanced. Against the Sixers, the free throws were 35-19 for Philly.

Mitchell was more reserved on Twitter as he responded to the video of his OT offensive foul, which looked like a Ben Simmons foul.

But the value of an call / no-call game shouldn’t translate to “The umpires are ready to screw us up, for reasons.” It sounds like something simmering that probably won’t cool down until Utah manages to whistle.


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