Friday, June 9, 2023

‘Doom 3’ has a second life on PlayStation VR

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Are you nostalgic for Doom 3? Not particularly? Well, it doesn’t matter – Bethesda and id Software are taking you into the past. They are release Doom 3 VR Edition for PlayStation VR users on March 29. The new version incorporates all of the horror-tinged shots from 2004, but modernizes it with VR-compatible health metrics, refreshed textures, updated sounds, and the radical ability to use both a flashlight and a gun at the same time.

The The VR upgrade also includes the Resurrection of evil and The lost mission extensions.

This is not the first Doom 3 VR port. Beef team published an unofficial Oculus Quest version a few weeks earlier. It’s safe to say that the PSVR game is more polished, although you also lose the unattached gameplay that comes with playing on a Quest headset.

It might seem like an odd choice for a VR conversion. Doom 3 attracted a lot of attention when it was released, but its main selling point was its new real-time lighting technology. While that was nice, critics at the time weren’t fans of slowness and addiction to jump alerts. If you expect relentless run-and-gun action from the start Loss newer games or titles like Eternal doom, you won’t get it. Of course, that beat might make it better for VR too – you might not feel as nauseous as you would speed through demon-infested rooms.


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