Sunday, February 25, 2024

Dropbox will allow users to store 50 passwords for free

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You will not need pay for an account try Dropbox Password Manager. The company revealed that Dropbox Passwords will be available to free (i.e. Basic) users from the beginning of April. The free option will store up to 50 synced passwords across three devices. You’ll enjoy secure password sharing with others “soon after,” Dropbox added.

The cap is clearly intended to steer you towards paid Dropbox plans, as there’s a good chance you’ll need 50+ connections in an age when streaming and cloud services are plentiful. Still, the free option makes Dropbox passwords accessible to a lot more people. It could also provide a competitive advantage – LastPass recently limited free syncing to a device type, for example, which makes this offer impractical if you want to access passwords on both your computer and your phone. It should be easier to get by with Dropbox’s free tier, although you’re still having limitations.


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