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EA opens investigation into allegations staff sell rare FIFA 21 Ultimate Team cards

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EA is search in allegations within her community that some employees are selling FIFA 21 Ultimate Team cards for cash. The gaming giant generated $ 1.49 billion in net revenues from Ultimate team mode, which allows fans to create their own teams, for fiscal year 2020. It’s a big source of money for the company, thanks to the people spending a lot of money in order to unlock rare players in from random packs. According to accusations that have surfaced online, employees sell the most coveted cards directly to players between $ 900 and $ 2,500, so they no longer have to deposit money on random packs.

As Kotaku and Eurogamer Note that some of the deals sell highly coveted Icon Cards, which include legends such as Ronaldo, Pelé, and Zinedine Zidane. They also sell Prime Icon Moments, special versions of Icon cards. As you can guess, it’s not easy to get these cards from random packs, and people traded them in or bought them at auction.

It is still unclear who exactly sells the cards, but in a statement posted on Twitter, EA said it was aware of the allegations that were circulating and that a “full investigation is underway.” The company added that it was aware of how illegal sales “raised concerns about the unfair balance of gambling and competition” and promised to take swift action if it identified inappropriate behavior.


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