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Keep an eye on today – we could witness the first high altitude test flight of the SpaceX spacecraft. The vehicle Elon Musk sees as the key to fast travel around Earth and multiplanetary life has only taken short jumps so far, but his next trip will reach 50,000 feet. The plan is to test its aerodynamic capabilities and attempt a landing rollover maneuver.

SpaceX current starts at 7 a.m., but stay tuned for more information on the exact date of the test if you want to watch live – it could be historic.

– Richard Lawler


Cyberpunk 2077

After several delays, CD’s highly anticipated RPG Projekt Red (based on the tabletop game of the same name) is coming to PC and consoles, and Jessica Conditt has spent roughly 20 hours in the world on Night City. The game is too deep for it to give a holistic view of what’s in it (she took six hours to get past the prologue and meet Keanu Reeves) but more than enough to see if her 80s-tinged vision of the future holds.
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The theater-loving director isn’t a fan of streaming movies on release day.


Christopher Nolan likes two things: the exclusive cinema and cinema windowing. As such, an arrangement that will put Warner Bros.’s entire 2021 movie roster on HBO Max on the very day of their theatrical debut is simply unacceptable. With his film Principle Scheduled for video-on-demand release next week, the director called HBO Max “the worst streaming service” and called the move a “bait and switch.”

The point is, he’s not the only one disputing the news. WarnerMedia apparently informed theaters, production partners, and people involved in the films of the news just minutes before its announcement last week. According to reports, companies like Legendary Entertainment are considering taking legal action, while stars who took less money upfront in exchange for potential box office profits are wondering what this means to them.

Last but not least, Warner Bros. is faced with questions about the Variety and the New York Times reported that the studio turned down a $ 250 million offer from Netflix for Godzilla vs. Kong, in favor of the HBO Max arrangement which guarantees much less money.
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The DOJ believes that Alexander Vinnick ran BTC-e as a front for a money laundering operation.

Alexander Vinnick, the Russian man who founded and ran the now defunct Bitcoin exchange service BTC-e, has been sentenced to five years in prison. A Paris court found Vinnick guilty of money laundering and ordered him to pay € 100,000 ($ 121,000) in fines.

Security firm Wizsec previously linked its private BTC-e accounts to funds stolen from Mt. Gox. In 2014, around $ 480 million worth of Bitcoins disappeared from the exchange service.

The US DOJ has indicted Vinnick on 17 counts of money laundering of up to $ 4 billion since the exchange’s inception in 2011. Meanwhile, French prosecutors indicted him for “extortion, conspiracy and harm. to automatic data processing systems ”. French authorities believe he helped create the Locky ransomware, which spread through email and was used to attack French businesses and organizations between 2016 and 2018.
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You can also find 16-core chips in MacBook Pros and iMacs.

Apple M1 MacBook Pro

Apples internal silicon could evolve well beyond the eight-core M1 (or rather four plus four cores) that you find in the Entry-level Mac we’ve seen so far.

Bloomberg reported that Apple’s roadmap for 2021 includes chips for high-end desktop computers (including a “half-size” Mac Pro) with up to 32 high-performance cores. It doesn’t beat AMD’s 64-core Threadripper, but it would eclipse the 28-core Xeon currently available in the Mac Pro.

Under high-performance machines, Apple is said to be designing chips for the high-end MacBook Pro and iMac with up to 16 high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores. There are still a lot of questions to be answered, but if you are looking to upgrade your Mac working machine, you might be better off waiting until next year.
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