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Epic Games announces $ 20 million prize pool for Fortnite Season 5 Champion series

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After enduring important game for failing to adequately support the competitive Fortnite community, Epic Games today announced that it will be offering a $ 20 million prize pool for the Fortnite Champion Series.

The announcement included a clarification that the $ 20 million prize pool would be split equally between PC and console gamers. The Fortnite Champion Series is the first Fortnite tournament of the year, often the only long-term event dedicated to identifying the best Fortnite players of the year.

Fortnite Champion Series would increase its prize pool compared to last season

Fortnite was criticized for its decision to reduce the amount of price support for most competitive Fortnite events when it was announced earlier this month. The announcement led many competitive players and competitive prospects to express their frustration online, including a former World Champion. withdraw from the game in protest.

It seems that Epic Games has heard this backlash and decided to do something to keep competitive players interested in the game. Offering such a prize pool, and increasing it over the previous season, seems like an effort to win back a prize. part of the favors of the competitive community.

Could Epic have planned this from the start?

Another possibility is that Epic had already planned to support the Fortnite Champion Series so aggressively. However, if Epic had known that they were going to offer a $ 20 million prize pool for the biggest Fortnite tournament of the year, they likely would have made the announcement around the same time as their previous announcement, in order to reduce a part of the backlash.

With such a large time gap between the two announcements, it’s more likely that Epic made the calculated decision to increase support for the Fortnite Champion series after the fact. Whatever the reason the decision was made, it’s good that Epic has finally decided to offer something to the competitive community.

Why Epic needs to keep the competitive community engaged

The reason competitive players are important is that these players are often the ones who are much more interested in the game. Competitive players are those who find out information about the game, update wikis, create content, and generally generate enthusiasm for the game beyond what a marketing team is capable of.

Someone who plays Forntite once a week to hang out with friends probably won’t talk too much about the game, talk about it with new people, or throw parties to watch major events.

Competitive players go above and beyond. They can support a game that is almost dead, and they can give a game the boost it needs to enter the mainstream in a big way.

Hopefully the recent reaction has at least made this clearer for Epic.

Posted Jan 20, 2021 12:14 AM IST


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