Friday, June 2, 2023

Epic Games Store Offers New Social Features, Including Party System

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Over the past two years, Valve has responded to Epic’s Game Store threat by completing some of the Steam’s missing features around game recommendations and social connections. Now Epic will try to catch up socially in 2021, whether or not the areas it focuses on are the ones gamers use the most.

In a blog post, the Epic Games Store team revealed plans for a party system that includes Discord-style voice and text chat, as well as expanding internal gameplay experiences to let you know what your party members are up to. Meanwhile, the existing “Whispers” DM system is disappearing because people apparently weren’t using it.

While the party system is planned for the “future,” changes expected this month include player cards in the social panel that allow you to know who someone, find, do not disturb and more. again. These features are probably not enough to make anyone choose the Epic Store on Steam, but they could make it a bit stickier once someone makes the jump part-time. If that’s not what you’re looking for from Epic, keep an eye out for their Trello board to see what else is about the works, such as the achievements (which were on the list for a certain time) and wishlist improvements.


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