Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Europol Confirms World’s Largest Dark Web Marketplace Has Been Taken Offline

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Law enforcement agencies from several countries have teamed up to eliminate what Europol calls the world’s “biggest” illegal market on the Internet. dark web. DarkMarket had nearly 500,000 users when it went offline. It had over 2,400 sellers and hosted 320,000 transactions in which US $ 171 million of cryptocurrency changed hands. According to Europol ad, sellers mainly used the marketplace to sell drugs, fake money and credit card details, malware, and anonymous SIM cards.

In addition to Europol, law enforcement agencies from Germany, Australia, Denmark, Moldova, Ukraine, United Kingdom (National Crime Agency) and United States (DEA, FBI and IRS) participated to the operation. Over the weekend, German authorities arrested an Australian citizen believed to be the operator behind the market near the German-Danish border. The findings of a German cybercrime unit also helped shut down DarkMarket and seize its servers (more than 20 of them) in Moldova and Ukraine. The authorities expect the data stored on these servers to lead them to the moderators, sellers and buyers of the marketplace.


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