Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Evernote’s home feature is a dashboard filled with handy widgets

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As a basic user or higher, you will have access to three widgets. You’ll find one that will give you quick access to all the notes you’ve added recently. You’ll also see the notes that Evernote thinks you’ll want to return to, even if you haven’t visited them for some time. The other two basic widgets function as a notepad where you can quickly jot down stray thoughts and a place where Evernote will collect all of your recently saved web clips, images, documents, audio files, and emails.

Meanwhile, as a premium or professional subscriber, you will find four additional widgets with more advanced features. In addition to a space for notes, you will find one dedicated to your notebooks. Like its counterpart, it will showcase your recent notebooks, as well as ones Evernote thinks you might want to revisit. You will also find a single pinned note. As Evernote points out, this is a convenient way to keep a list of current tasks. Two other widgets give you easy access to your frequently used tags and shortcuts, making it easier to navigate the app.

Additionally, premium and business users can customize the dashboard by rearranging and removing any of the included widgets, as well as resizing them as they see fit. They’ll also have the option to add a custom background, either one they’ve uploaded themselves or chosen from one of the preloaded options.

Evernote plans to roll out the Home update to Mac, Windows, and web users in the coming weeks. The feature will make its way to iOS and Android devices at a later date.


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