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Enchanted books usually play an important role in most parts of Minecraft. Players can potentially experience some of the best enchantments in the game from these books.

Due to their ability to be found in different ways, players of any playstyle can find Enchanted Books. They also have the fantastic potential to be combined with an anvil, creating solid combinations of enchantments.

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Enchanted Books in Minecraft


Jungle temples have the chance to have some of the best books! (Image via Minecraft)

Level 30 Enchanted Books can be found in the following locations:

  • Jungle Temple (4.5%)
  • Fortress Altar Chest (2.5%)
  • Fortress Chest (4%)
  • Stronghold Library (67.8%)

Note: these percentages are increased in the Bedrock edition.

Random Enchanted Books can be found at the following locations:

  • Dungeon Chest (14.9%)
  • Mine pit box (14.1%)
  • Desert Temple Chest (23.5%)
  • Pillager’s Outpost Chest (11%)
  • Chest of Underwater Ruins (21.7%)
  • Forest Manor Chest (14.9%)

Other techniques for finding enchanted books will be listed below:

  • Peach
  • Vindicators and raiders fall during raids (level 30 book)
  • Enchant a Book at Enchanting Table
  • Barter with a Piglin (1/417 chance)

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Shown: Combination of great books into one! (Image via Minecraft)

Players can use enchanted books to upgrade their most useful tools, weapons, and armor.

When a tool, weapon or armor is combined with an enchanted book on an anvil, (see above) players will be able to spend a portion of their experience levels to enchant that item.

This is extremely useful as players may not want the random enchantment chosen at the enchantment table. Instead, players can either search for enchanted books in the locations listed above, or enchant a bunch of normal books until they get the enchantment they want.

Players can also combine multiple books on an anvil (see above) to combine the two enchantments into one book. Two books of the same type and level can also be combined, which will add both levels. Players who accumulate enchanted books of the same type can thus gain space.

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