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The Bastion Remnant is a huge Minecraft structure that was added in the Nether update. This structure is home to some of the most dangerous monsters in all of Minecraft. The Remnants are also home to some of the best loot, making them a highly sought after structure.

Due to their massive size, players may not know all that Bastion Remnants has to offer. Much like other naturally generated mega-structures, Leftovers consist of multiple structures in one, each of which has specific loot and mobs.

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Bastion Remnants in Minecraft: Everything Players Need to Know


Shown: The bastion remains treasure room (Image via Mojang)

As noted above, Bastion Remnants is home to a plethora of different structures.

Treasure room

The treasure room consists of a lava pool, with a central area that can hold multiple chests and gold blocks. There is also always a Magma Cube spawner located inside a treasure room. Here is the possible loot found in this structure:

  • Golden carrot
  • Crying obsidian
  • Spectral arrow
  • Enchanted book
  • Ancient debris
  • Diamond shovel
  • Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe
  • Netherite Scrap
  • Pigstep

Hoglin stable

Hoglin Stables typically contain the Hoglin mob, a dangerous mob unique to the Nether. Hoglin Stables can also contain chests, with a unique loot table. Here’s the best loot you can find in this structure:

  • Crimson Mushroom
  • Gold block
  • Enchanted Diamond Shovel
  • Golden carrot
  • Golden Apple
  • Netherite Scrap
  • Ancient debris
  • Pigstep


Bridges are massive structures that protrude from the side of the remains of the stronghold, acting as an entrance. Bridges also sometimes contain chests that provide the following loot:

  • Netherite Scrap
  • Crying obsidian
  • Enchanted crossbow
  • Spectral arrow
  • Diamond armor
  • Enchanted Diamond Sword

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Shown: A group of Piglins and Hoglins. Very dangerous! (Image via u / LordOfAllEggs on Reddit)

The Stronghold Remnants are home to some of Minecraft’s most dangerous creatures:

  • Piglins (with or without armor)
  • Piglin Brutes
  • Hoglins
  • a cube of magma

Piglins, Piglin Brutes, and Hoglins will spawn when generating Stronghold Remnants and will not naturally be removed until they are killed. Piglin Brutes will call other nearby Piglins to help them if they are attacked. Hoglins can be bred with Crimson Mushrooms and are the only hostile mob that can spawn.

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