Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Facebook reportedly hesitated to fire Indian extremists due to risk to staff

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Spokesman Andy Stone said Facebook was enforcing its dangerous group level “regardless of political position or party membership”, and discussing threats to staff was “part of the standard process” . Stone, however, did not say whether or not Facebook viewed Bajrang Dal as dangerous.

Facebook has removed a video showing an invasion by Bajrang Dal of a church that allegedly led to an attack on a pastor, although the group insisted it is strictly legal and does not conflict with other religious groups.

Report Highlights Challenges Facing Facebook face extremism. The company has been accused of going too slow and, in at least one case, minimize warnings. He clearly doesn’t want to put the lives of his employees at risk, however, and the politicians concerned could ask for bans on Facebook himself. The company must weigh several considerations and there is not always a happy medium.


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