Thursday, March 30, 2023

FBI, Europol cut VPN service for criminals

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Virtual private networks are often positive forces that keep your data safe, but how this service is delivered seems to matter to law enforcement. TorrentFreak reports than the FBI and Europol worked together to shut down Safe-Inet (also known as Insorg), a VPN service apparently tailor-made for criminals. The ‘bulletproof’ service was not only advertised on crime-focused forums, but was reportedly often used for practices such as card skimming, ransomware and account hijacking.

Justice Department officials noted that many of these bulletproof services often cover criminals, such as refusing to offer newspapers or “ignoring or fabricating excuses” when victims complain. They become “co-conspirators” in the crimes they allow, the DOJ said. Officials have not directly claimed that Safe-Inet has engaged in these practices, but it is at least implied.


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