Monday, February 6, 2023

Fiat Chrysler partners with Archer to build all-electric passenger plane

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Archer has only released a teaser image of the aircraft, showing a sleek six-propeller, V-tail design. Presumably the wings or individual engines rotate to allow both VTOL and forward travel speeds. decent. The design differs from others we’ve seen like the Lilium plane, which has the propellant fans hidden in the wings. It has nothing to do with the drone-like designs of Volocopter, Joby and Hyundai. It looks a bit like Larry Page’s Air taxi “Cora”, however.

Archer said he was “hyper-focused” on the customer part of the design, aiming to offer “increased safety while producing minimal noise” compared to helicopters. “Now we work with a seasoned automotive partner and industry leader … to reliably and affordably produce thousands of aircraft each year,” said co-founder and co-CEO Brett Adcock.

All passenger planes must pass a rigorous FAA certification process which is daunting even for seasoned companies like Boeing, and it is still unclear how “thousands” of air taxis would fit into the current flight control system. air traffic. On top of that, so far we haven’t seen any eVTOL aircraft that appear ready for human transport or mass production.


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