Thursday, March 23, 2023

Fight Night ‘Apex Legends’ event formalizes in-game boxing with new zone

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Another change to the map concerns the Looting MRVNs, robots that look a lot like Pathfinder. If you find one, it can spit loot of different levels, and if you destroy it, you can take the robot arm to another robot and be rewarded with gold level items.

Small tweaks include a damage nerf to the Bust Fire Hemlok, as well as reduced cooldowns for Rampart and Caustic. The game also adds a ‘Mark all as seen’ button so you don’t have to click on every collectible in your inventory to get rid of that annoying red dot, ultimate boosters can be triggered by pressing your Ultimate button , and if a party member leaves the lobby, they will return everyone to the “not ready” state.

A new developer feed talks about all of the changes in their entirety, before they go into effect from 11 p.m. ET on January 5.


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