Thursday, September 28, 2023

First female veep, American society wakes up and MLK at 92 | Business and economic news

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We’re rounding up the numbers you need to know from this week’s biggest business and business stories so you can impress yourself and your friends.

People around the world watched the United States inaugurate its 46th President this week, and eyes were once again on the steps of the Capitol Building – but for different reasons than the siege on January 6.

President Joe Biden is usually a less headline politician than his predecessor, but it still feels like it’s been politics, politics, politics all week. We couldn’t resist sprinkling some of that inaugural glitter this week, along with some big economic and business news that you might have missed.


Kamala Devi Harris was sworn in as the 49th Vice President of the United States on Wednesday, becoming the first woman, the first black American and the first person of Asian descent to hold the desk.

Vice President Harris, the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India, smashed that great glass ceiling and then got the right to work alongside President Biden. The two outlined an ambitious agenda to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, economic recession, climate change and racial justice.

Biden started his first day in office by signing several executive orders, many of which reversed some of Trump’s biggest policies on immigration and the environment.


We know you called us on “a lot” last week. How are dozens? Alright, as you know, a bunch of companies cut ties with Trump and Republican lawmakers who refused to certify Biden’s victory after the violent siege of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters on Jan.6.

In response to the chaos, other companies announced they were ending all political contributions while they reassessed their policies. It was definitely a unprecedented movement because many large corporations used to pay their way into American politics. But does this mean that American companies are finally “awake”, or are they just taking performative measures to protect profits?

Bitcoin investors have been on a roller coaster ride this month with major fluctuations in the value of the cryptocurrency [File: Dado Ruvic/Illustration/Reuters]

$ 31,000

Buckle up, Bitcoiners, because the roller coaster ride is far from over. The world’s largest cryptocurrency slipped 11.3% on Thursday to its lowest level in three weeks.

After going above $ 40,000, bitcoin has trended downward – but the last few days have been particularly difficult. Bloomberg News a more on what could be behind the decisions of investors.

$ 400 million

This is the amount in question in a money laundering investigation Swiss investigators question the head of the Lebanese central bank, Riad Salameh.

Salameh was questioned Thursday by a Lebanese prosecutor after Swiss authorities demanded that Lebanon comply with an investigation into Salameh and the bank he has run for 27 years.

The Swiss prosecutor’s office did not say whether Salameh was a suspect, but confirmed on Wednesday that he had opened an investigation into “aggravated money laundering” and potential embezzlement of the Lebanese central bank.

People around the world remembered the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr after what would have been his 92nd birthday [Getty Images]


The age of the American civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, would be if he were alive today. People in the United States and around the world reflected on Dr. King’s legacy at the party set aside in his honor on Monday, using it as an opportunity to continue to call for racial justice and social change. decades after delivering his iconic “I Have A Dream” speech.

Ann Frank, the teenager who documented the life of her family hidden from the Nazis in Amsterdam, is also said to have turned 92 this year. It’s an important reminder that history is very recent – and that the fight for justice is far from over.


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