Thursday, February 29, 2024

Ford, Nissan to cut vehicle production due to chip shortage

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Chip shortages aren’t just hurting your access to processors and GPUs – they are hurting the automotive market as well. CNBC, ABC News and The edge report that Ford and Nissan are cutting production in response to semiconductor shortages. Ford is idling an SUV plant in Louisville, Ky. This week, increasing previously expected downtime later in 2021. Nissan, meanwhile, is cutting production at its Oppama plant in Japan.

Other brands may also have problems. Volkswagen said in December it was shifting production in China, Europe and North America in light of the shortage. Fiat Chrysler and Toyota have also raised production issues. GM didn’t have to cut production, spokesman David Barnas said CNBC, but he keeps an eye out for flea related issues.


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