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Former WWE Superstar Shawn Stasiak discusses his growth around pro wrestling [Exclusive]

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Former WWE Superstar Shawn Stasiak discussed what it was like to grow up in and around the world of pro wrestling.

In an exclusive interview with Ryan Boman of SK Wrestling, the former hardcore WWF champion explained in detail his professional influences and how being in the professional wrestling world from an early age impacted him, including some of the high profile names he’s been lucky enough to. to be around:

“My father had an influence on my entry into the business, obviously … I remember that sometimes my father would take me to the arenas of the Northwest, the Pacific Northwest … I grew up with it. guys like Andre the Giant, Roddy Piper, Dutch Savage, Playboy Buddy Rose. Ric Flair would come, Harley Race… the list goes on and on. So I was exposed to the company at a very young age. And, of course. , the business had changed over the years. But as a teenager, in high school, taking on amateur wrestling myself, I was still following pro wrestling. ”

Shawn Stasiak is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Stan Stasiak. Stan, a former WWWF heavyweight world champion, was a mainstay of professional wrestling in the 1960s and 1970s.

Shawn Stasiak on his professional wrestling influences

Shawn Stasiak would go on to describe his specific influences from the professional wrestling world, mentioning larger than life characters we all know and love, such as The ultimate warrior and Prick.

“And then, of course, my friends and I would idolize some wrestlers. We would be in the gym training and we would emulate or imitate other wrestlers we admired. It inspired me, with the days of the mid to late eighties, I like guys who had larger than life characters. Comic book characters come to life, guys like Ultimate Warrior and Sting. I liked the face painting, the theater. “

You can listen to the full clip between Ryan Boman and Shawn Stasiak below:

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Posted on Feb 02, 2021 12:31 AM


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