Thursday, March 30, 2023

Fox Sports uses Sony cameras to make football shows look cinematic

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Fox Sports Color corrected the signal to match its broadcast cameras, but otherwise it’s a 1080p live stream from the A7R IV’s micro-HDMI port. The crew were already using the platform to film tunnel exits and other pre-game content, but Fox liked the look so much that they decided to deploy it as the 11th camera for the Sunday Washington-Seattle tilt.

With the fast wide-angle lens, the camera provided a shallow depth of field look as Smole was able to get right next to the players as they celebrated in the end zone, as seen in the photo above . “Our team members have worked with throughout the year, but we didn’t know your average viewer would see such a difference sitting on their couch. It’s fantastic, ”SVP Fox Mike Davies told SVG. Fox plans to use the camera platform for the remainder of the year.


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