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Frank Lampard fights amid speculation about his future at Chelsea

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Frank Lampard put on an unusually aggressive tone amid discussions that his time at Chelsea could be cut short shortly before the FA Cup clash with Luton on Sunday.

Lampard made short, pointed beards to several reporters who interviewed him on Friday afternoon.

It comes amid poor form where Chelsea have lost five of their last eight games and who see him as the favorite to be the league’s next sacked coach.

Lampard says the reports have no impact on his daily work at Cobham Training Ground, as he offers to turn around before it’s too late.

“I don’t listen to it. It’s only everywhere if you want to scroll through social media or something, but I don’t do that,” Lampard told reporters. “I’m not stupid, I know the pressures that come with running a top football club, but I’m just doing my job, I don’t care.”

Having scored 211 goals to become Chelsea’s all-time top scorer, Lampard is considered by many to be the club’s greatest player.

He came to management knowing he was risking his almost perfect legacy at the club, but the lure of his dream job was too hard to refuse. Now, with his long-term future uncertain, Lampard has become frustrated with part of the analysis of how his new signings haven’t had much of an impact at Chelsea.

“What marker do you put on this? I won’t sit down talking [them performing by] Next season that would be absurd, “he added.” Any Premier League manager wouldn’t be talking about next season because you can only worry about what to expect. “

Asked more about when we would see improvements from Timo Werner and Kai Havertz, Lampard replied, “Again, what’s the scorer on this? Does anyone play like Eden Hazard the did it early in his career? You ask?

“That’s what we’re working towards, yes,” he concluded, trying to get the most out of them this season.

Werner and Havertz are both on an 11-game drought in the Premier League, despite having scored in the 4-0 FA Cup win over Morecambe earlier this month.

Their poor form drove Chelsea from first to eighth place in the league. Lampard has gained 1.67 points per game since taking over as a coach last season, the lowest of any named during Roman Abramovich’s time at the club.

“I’m not going to talk about private conversations [with Abramovich]”Said Lampard.” I have played here for a long time and the situation changes player after 13 years of coaching. So I have more conversations now with the hierarchy than I did as a player. “

One area where Lampard gets support is in the majority of the club’s support in the UK. Chelsea’s biggest independent fanzine, CFCUK, has urged the board to stick with Lampard.

Meanwhile, We Are The Shed, a fan organization that sit in the stadium’s Shed End, held an “In Frank We Trust” banner for the upcoming game.

“I absolutely appreciate the fans who came together to create the banner. I think anyone who knows me or who has watched me as a player or coach knows how I feel about this club, so I appreciate it a lot, ”Lampard said.


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