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Free Fire Chrono character is now available in select countries as an additional reward

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Characters in Free fire are now an integral part of the game. With the exception of the default characters – “Primis” and “Nulla” – each has a unique ability that helps players against enemies.

Recently, Garena collaborated with the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. As part of this deal, his in-game character – Chrono – has made its way into the game. However, players cannot yet get hold of it.

Fans are excited to try Chrono, thanks to its ability, called Time Turner. The character was previously present in OB 25 Advance Server, named “Mysterious Character”. However, it is now available in some countries as a complementary reward.

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Chrono character as an additional reward in Free Fire?

Free recharge Fire Chrono in Indonesia
Free recharge Fire Chrono in Indonesia

Currently, the Chrono character is available in the Indonesian region as a complementary reward. Country users can recharge 100 Diamonds between the stipulated period – December 16 to December 25 – to acquire the character for free.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean Chrono could be obtained from the Cooldown event in other regions.

The character’s in-game description reads:

Chrono is a bounty hunter from another universe.

His ability can create a force field blocking damage. At base level, it blocks 600 damage and increases player movement speed by 15%.

When the skill is activated, allies also receive a 10% movement speed increase. All of these effects last for four seconds. Additionally, there is a 50 second cooldown to use the ability.

At the highest level, player movement speed is improved by 30%, while allies receive a 15% bonus. At the same time, the duration of these effects is reduced to nine seconds and the cooldown is reduced to 40 seconds.

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Posted on Dec 18, 2020, 12:25 IST


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