Sunday, February 25, 2024

FTC: caller bots now masquerade as Apple and Amazon

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There is a new automated calling system that uses the name Apple and Amazon to scam people, and the Federal Trade Commission has Posted a warning to raise awareness. The FTC has posted two versions of the scam on its website, so people know what to expect. The first of the two versions is a recorded message informing recipients of a suspicious purchase made through their Amazon account, or that the retailer has lost or cannot fulfill one of their pending orders.

The other version tells call recipients that Apple has detected suspicious activity in their iCloud account and it may have been violated. Both versions use the same tactic, however, requiring people to press 1 or call a certain phone number to speak with a customer service representative. Like similar automated calling systems, the scammer would take the chance to retrieve people’s personal information if they called – information such as their credit card numbers and account passwords. The FTC obviously warns people against the 1 or the callback and advises those who receive calls to simply hang up.


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