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Full text of the Burmese Army declaration on the state of emergency | Election News

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The Burmese army cites a “terrible fraud” during the general elections last November to justify the seizure of power.

Myanmar’s military declared a state of emergency on Monday as it detained senior government officials in response to allegations of fraud in the November general election.

A video speech broadcast on an army-owned television said power had been handed over to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Chief General Min Aung Hlaing.

Here is the statement read on Myawaddy Television (MWD):

“The electoral rolls that were used in the multiparty general elections that took place on November 8 turned out to have huge differences and the Union Election Commission (UEC) failed to resolve this issue.

Even though the sovereignty of the nation should flow from the people, there has been terrible fraud on the electoral roll in the democratic general elections, which goes against the guarantee of a stable democracy.

A refusal to resolve the issue of voter registration fraud and a failure to take action and follow up on a request for postponement of parliamentary sessions of the lower and upper houses does not comply with Article 417 of the 2018 Constitution which refers to “ acts or attempts to take back the sovereignty of the Union by abusive means ” and could lead to a disintegration of national solidarity.

As a result of these acts, many demonstrations took place in the townships and cities of Myanmar to show their mistrust of the UEC.

Other parties and individuals have also been discovered carrying out different types of provocations, including displaying flags which are very damaging to national security.

Unless this problem is solved, it will hinder the path of democracy and therefore it must be solved according to the law.

Therefore, the state of emergency is declared in accordance with article 417 of the 2008 Constitution.

In order to conduct a careful scrutiny of the electoral rolls and take action, the authority for law-making, governance and jurisdiction of the nation is transferred to the Commander-in-Chief in accordance with Article 418 of the Constitution of 2008, sub-article (a). The state of emergency is effective throughout the country and the duration of the state of emergency is fixed at one year, from the date on which this order is announced in accordance with article 417 of the 2008 constitution. .


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