Thursday, February 22, 2024

GMC takes Hummer EV North for winter testing

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Edition 1 of GMC’s 1000hp Hummer EV Supertruck is still about a year away from going on sale, but the company is preparing to test prototypes in cold weather. Autoblog highlights some new photos of the all-electric vehicle testing at GM proving grounds in Milford, Michigan, because the company makes sure it’s ready to handle whatever customers throw at it (likely parking lots and highways, mostly).

Jeffrey Sauger for Genreal Motor

Beyond the virtual tests that GMC relies on to prepare its next truck, they will also be heading to northern Michigan for winter testing to ensure its Ultium transmission and Android systems can stand the cold. It’s just one of the a large number of electric vehicles that GM has in the works, so any changes you make will likely affect future models that don’t cost $ 100,000.


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