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GoodMaps Explore aims to provide step-by-step navigation in interior spaces

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While the outdoor mode works in areas covered by traditional mapping technology, the indoor mode is more limited. Using LiDAR, developers mapped the interiors of a handful of buildings in Huntington, West Virginia, and these spaces are fully explorable through the app, including step-by-step navigation to selected destinations. . GoodMaps Explore offers detailed information about these interior areas, describing individual rooms and features such as water fountains and information desks.

“Indoor digital maps play a fundamental role in making spaces more accessible, safer and more productive,” Jose Gaztambide, Founder and CEO of GoodMaps, said during a presentation at CES 2021.

As of September 2020, the developers have mapped the Cabell-Wayne Association for the Blind, the Cabell County Public Library, the Phil Cline Center at the Huntington YMCA, and the Brad D. Smith business incubator in Huntington. GoodMaps Explore is available on iOS and he just launched on Android, and both versions are free. It is developed by American Printing House and GoodMaps.


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