Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Google May Ban Chrome Extensions From IAC Due To ‘Deceptive’ Practices

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The full range of potential sanctions is unclear, but Google is considering banning them, according to WSJ sources and documents disclosed. Google has already removed five IAC extensions, but there are many more that could fall in the face of a ban.

Google spokesman Scott Westover said the company was “reviewing” the remaining extensions of IAC, but had not made a decision on how to proceed.

However, IAC’s Valerie Combs accused Google of being anti-competitive. The spokeswoman claimed that Google had abused its status to reduce its browsing activity to “the last little corner of the Internet” and was trying to finish it off. IAC owns the MyWay search engine, although the site uses ads and results from Google.

The dispute comes at a sensitive time for Google. He is facing a Department of Justice antitrust lawsuit because of allegations, it abused its leadership position in advertising and research. While this won’t necessarily skew the lawsuit, IAC could point to the DOJ case as support.


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