Sunday, April 14, 2024

Google officially withdraws the Home Max

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Say goodbye to the Home Max, Google’s original large smart speaker intended for HiFi sound. The company told Engadget that it is no longer making the device and that the last units on the Google Store are sold out. Existing users will still receive support for the foreseeable future, and there are no plans to end support for this product or the original Google Home.

The Home Max launched in 2017 for $ 399, offering two 4.5-inch high excursion woofers and two custom tweeters. But unlike previous Google Home products, the company’s newer speakers like the Nest Audio have been designed to deliver high quality sound even in small enclosures. Nest Audio has a dedicated 75mm woofer and a 19mm tweeter, and comes with software designed to deliver better sound with these components.


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