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Google outage removes Gmail, YouTube, Meet, Classroom, Stadia and more

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Google suffered a service outage Monday morning that lasted for at least an hour and is still ongoing for many people.

The issue occurred around 6:30 a.m.ET, affecting most of Google’s services, with the notable exception of Search and Chrome: Gmail, Calendar, Drive, YouTube, Stadia, Meet, and Classroom were all or are at the time of publication out of service. .

While the company has yet to explain the incident, Google’s rare outage comes at a particularly inopportune time: Due to the pandemic, some of its work-related services have become crucial for many people.

Also very annoying: the outage wiped out Google’s smart devices.

For about half an hour at the start of the outage, Google’s Workspace Status Dashboard showed no issues. Then it turned into a sea of ​​red – a situation that persisted even after some of the services started to reappear for many users.

“We are aware that many of you are currently having problems accessing YouTube,” the video site explains. Twitter Account ad shortly after 7 a.m. ET. “Our team is aware of it and is looking at it. We’ll keep you posted here as soon as we have more news. “

YouTube then became one of the first Google services to reappear.

Google had not responded to a request for comment. however, as the BBC noted, this may be because their communications team uses Gmail.

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