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Google will let you ask pharmacies about COVID-19 vaccines via search and maps



From now on, provides another way for users to find information about vaccines. You can contact a local Albertsons Companies pharmacy directly from Google search and Plans.

Albertsons has several pharmacies across the United States, including Safeway, Jewel-Osco, Vons, Albertsons, Acme, Shaw’s, and Tom Thumb. Hit the message button on search and maps and you can ask your local outlet about vaccine eligibility, availability, and appointments. By using commercial messages, where businesses can use chatbots to answer queries, pharmacies can also answer frequently asked questions.

“With Google’s commercial messages, we can quickly and accurately let people know where, when and how they can get vaccinated,” said Omer Gajial, senior vice president of pharmacy and medicine. Albertsons health in a statement. “For our patients, this means getting information quickly. For the Albertsons companies, this means allowing our pharmacies to focus on the essentials: administering the vaccine and caring for our patients.

Using tools like Business Messages is a positive step in helping people find more accurate information about vaccines. Facebook announced this week that it .




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