Friday, June 9, 2023

GWS Giants’ Toby Greene scores a goal against Sydney Swans

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GWS superstar Toby Greene once again pulled off a phenomenal game to spark an avalanche of praise from expert commentators, scoring a brilliant solo goal to knock out David King and Dermott Brereton.

Greene looked gorgeous in the Giants’ pre-season victory over the Swans at the Sydney Showground this afternoon –and perhaps the most stellar moment on his reel of highlights was his lousy fourth term goal.

Giants defenseman Isaac Cumming appeared to be lining up for a monstrous shot on goal when he started to walk from practically the center circle.

“He’s got the Michael Holding run-up,” Brereton said on the Fox Footy cover.

But instead of shooting for a rare goal, Cumming opted to drop the ball at the top of the goal box – and Greene jumped up.

Sydney freshman scout Braeden Campbell dived on the foot when he fell to the ground and attempted to handball ruckman Tom Hickey, but Greene hit the ball to the ground in a cunning interception and attacked the Sherrin through the sticks.

“And Toby Greene is here! A monster at his best,” said play-by-play commentator Kelli Underwood.

King was delighted with Greene’s breathtaking play.

“He’s unreal. What a talented freak he is. That’s a great call, (Kelli) – he’s a freak,” King said.

“He assesses things so quickly. He didn’t have time to take possession of the ball so he just throws the boot at him. Bang! You can’t explain how good it is.”

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Brereton reminded viewers of the subtlety of Greene’s incredible arsenal.

“What makes it so amazing is that most of the elite players in the competition have a physical trait that sets them apart from everyone else,” said Brereton.

“He’s reasonable in everything but he doesn’t have an extraordinary physical ability – yet he is an extraordinary player.”

The Giants beat the Swans 18.6 (114) to 12.14 (86).

The first round of the 2021 season will begin with the traditional Richmond-Carlton clash on Thursday, March 18.

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