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Happy 10th Anniversary DC Universe Online

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Congratulations to DC Universe Online and the amazing community that made this remarkable journey possible as we celebrate 10 years in January! Even if DCUO Released on Xbox One in 2016, we’re celebrating 10 years of world-class storytelling, over 250 iconic DC characters in the spotlight, and 39 episodes released and counted.

To show our appreciation, we’ve collected over $ 50 in gamer gifts that all Xbox gamers can claim. This includes a free character advance up to CR290, a restored Shim’Tar Regalia gear style, and the Paradox Gazer combat pet. Players can also claim a new gem and fireworks aura, as well as two new birthday emblems to kick off the party and light up the skies of Gotham City and Metropolis!

To show our gratitude to the members, we’ve created an additional pack just for you! All active DCUO Xbox One members can also claim a Member Appreciation Gift Box from January 11 through January 31, 2021. It includes upgraded Shim’Tar Regalia gear style, Neon Chroma anti-material pack, and Nth Metal totaling 220 000 Artifact XP, 1 Artifact Cache, and 1 Set of Artifact Catalysts. Not a member? Become one today to claim this Members Only Pack! Better yet, we mark everything DCUO 25% off Xbox One subscriptions from January 11 through January 17, 2021.

Once you’ve claimed your birthday gifts, jump in on the action with the return of the Birthday Seasonal Event, Anti-monitor attack. This year, we’ve added a new raid for all level 15+ players (Xbox Live Gold required), as well as an Elite Raid for the best of the best! New rewards include styles inspired by Flash, 10e birthday basics, and more.

DC Universe Online

New or back to DCUO?

Download DCUO free from the Xbox Store (Xbox Live Gold membership required).

Once you’ve started the game, choose your morality, mentor, and powers to use in battle. Then, create and customize your unique character and begin your adventures in the iconic DC universe!

DC Universe Online

For more details on the content and getting started guides DCUO, please visit us at Happy 10e Birthday, heroes and villains!

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DC Universe Online

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